AUSU Z71V - warranty process

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A decision has been made (I think) - the AUSU "Z71V" is a great looking
(good specs, plus separate graphics card and DDR2 533 SDRAM)notebook.
Trying to figure out the warranty process is confusing - to say the

AUSU makes the barebones - ASI (out of many on-line vendors) lets you
configure your system. Notebook comes with 1 yr p&l and 3 yrs parts
only. Many mom and pop local computer stores act as retailers for ASI -
you give them your specs and they order from ASI.

ASI support will not help (or even talk to you) unless you ordered
directly from them! AUSU is not responsible, so that leaves the mon &
pop store. They are not notebook specialists but will try to diagnose
the problem - if it's broken then they/me need to return the notebook
to ASI for repairs (they pay shiping both ways).

Has anyone had any experience with this type of warranty process?  Or,
has anyone had an excellent experience with ordering on-line with an
Internet seller of AUSU notebooks (leave the mom & pop out of the
process) - how does the warranty work there - do you call the Internet
seller and if not able to fix it via the phone, do you mail it back to
?? (Internet dealer or directly to AUSU).  I see RMA are obtained
on-line from ASUS.


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