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Friend has an Evesham (Time/Colosuss/Tiny/Mitac) 8375 laptop with an
audio problem -- sound coming only from right-side speaker.  Have tried
external speakers, headphones and a USB sound 'card' with speakers
attached but result always the same.  Could it be just the internal
speaker itself that's faulty or does it point to a motherboard
connector? Either way, how difficult/expensive would it be to put
right?  TIA  

Re: Audio problem

Zed typed on Sun, 09 Sep 2007 22:56:11 +0100:
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WOW! Did you disable the driver for the internal sound card when you
used the USB sound card (through the Device Manager)? And you had to
install the USB sound card driver for it too, right? You also checked
the mixer balance sliders right? It could be the motherboard or software
I suppose. But the sound card and speakers sound like they are just fine
to me. Try creating another user account and then try it. Maybe that
user account is screwed up.


Re: Audio problem

Thanks for your response. I didn't disable the internal sound card when I
used the USB sound card as the usb device was showing as the audio source
in Control Panel/sounds so I assumed no need to.  But perhaps I should
try that too.  Yes I had checked the right/left sliders.  I shall also
try updating the audio drivers, but I suspect it will turn out to be a
hardware problem.

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