ATA drive on laptop?

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If I want to connect an external ATA drive to my laptop, is it better
to connect it through a controller that plugs into the laptop's card
slot or through the USB ports?


Re: ATA drive on laptop?

It doesn't make much difference, but USB adapters are both much less
expensive (in the $10-$20 range, sometimes under $10) and far easier to get. wrote:

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Re: ATA drive on laptop?

Thanks. I'd just as soon go the USB route if I'm not going to get
better performance the other way.

Another option I have is to get a dock that has a PCI slot in it. (My
computer is a Dell Latitude D620 - The dock is model 310-2873).
Presumably I could put an ATA controller card into the slot on the
dock. (I already have the card, and I'm planning to get the dock
anyway). I'm not sure if that would perform any better than the USB
approach. I'd like to get the same performance as a desktop, if

Barry Watzman wrote:
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Re: ATA drive on laptop?

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I was going to suggest that your choice would be dependant on the presence
or absense of USB2 ports. You would not want to run the hard drive via a
USB1.1 port, as this limits you to 1.5MB/sec. Your Latitude D620 however
does have USB2 (Hi-Speed) ports, which therefore allow up to 60MB/sec, more
than enough for a regular hard disk.

Just buy a USB2 enclosure and fit a normal drive, or buy one of the USB2 <->
IDE cables, complete with standalone power supply. Either choice will work
very well.

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