Asus Z9200 won't boot

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Hi everybody,

Some folks I know have handed me their two laptops, both Asus Z9200 of
the same age, which have developed an identical yet strange fault.

Whenever I boot either one of the laptops, they start, but shut down
almost immediately. Sometimes I get past the Windows XP boot screen and
see the desktop, but then suddenly I hear the fan start to blow harder,
and the laptop shuts down immediately.

As the laptop is able to boot sometimes, I don't think the hard drive is
at fault. Neither is the battery, nor the adaptor since running the
laptop on either shows the same behaviour.

Somewhere on the internet I read that this could be a problem with
cooling, that the fan isn't able to cool the CPU sufficiently and that
this is the reason why the laptop shuts down.

Could this be the problem, or does anybody know of another reason for
this behaviour?

Also, and probably more important, how do I solve this? I find it
particularly strange that both laptops have developed this exact same

Thanks for any advice,


Re: Asus Z9200 won't boot

Hello! I would go to your local electronics or office supply store and
get a bottle of compressed air (generally $10). Find the vents on your
laptop. Shake the air can, and blow it AWAY from the lapop for around
5 seconds. Then blow the air into the vents, slightly angled  to blow
any dust and debris out of the vents. Also, when you boot it up, hold
it in the air or put the laptops on bottle caps to elevate it from the
ground so there can be proper airflow. This should do the trick. I
hope this helps! :-)

Re: Asus Z9200 won't boot

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Thanks for the suggestion. By now, I've already taken apart the laptops,
and cleaned the fans and just about anything that could gather dust.

After that, I've placed the laptop on some stuff on my desk (like you
suggested, to elevate it for a better airflow), and booted it.

As a result, the laptop ran fine for about five minutes: I was able to
start some software, run a game, but as soon as the fans started to
increase in RPM, the laptop stopped immediately.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?



Re: Asus Z9200 won't boot

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It sounds like the CPU to heatsink connection has failed and the CPU is
overheating. You could remove the heatsink, clean and replace the thermal


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