ASUS Z80K will not post

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I have a ASUS Z80K that has stopped booting. When I turn on the power,
the fan turns on, but the monitor never turns on, no hard drive light
activity, and no beeping. Normally when it turns on the fan spins up
really loud, then when the bios screen comes on it slows down. Right
now, the fan never leaves the loud fan mode- its like the laptop never
gets to the bios (and it never shows anything on the screen).

I've taken the keyboard off and looked at memory, it is still
attached, does not look loose.

The laptop was not dropped, and has been sitting in the same place for
quite a while.

Before this started, it rebooted itself once when my wife was using

Could this be a heat issue?

Is this something repairable, or do I have a brick?

Does anyone know what might be causing this?

Thanks so much for any advice.

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