Asus W1000 2 video questions

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Q1: I have owned my laptop for several months now, delighted with it
except for one issue: the bundled 'Mobile Theatre' software is not the
best.   I use alternatives for DVD and MP3 playback and viewing images
but TV reception is a problem.   To set up the RGB/NSTC etc options you
have to select a country and Australia is not on the list.   If I select
"UK" I can receive all local analogue channels but with no audio
(different version of PAL), if I select Austria (which should be the
right PAL setup, I believe) I can get audio & vision but only on one of
the local channels, none of the others will tune in with the auto-tune
feature.    I cannot receive digital transmissions under any
circumstances.   Can anyone suggest any alternative software that I could
use to give me better access to the on-board tuner features?

Q2: I would like to set up the PC for surveilance monitoring and I am
looking for software that will detect changes in the received video (ie
some kind of motion detection) and only start recording when motion is
detected - any suggestions please?


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