Asus laptop does not **read** burned CDs

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I don't know if this problem is known, I was very surprised.
My A6K Asus features a double-layer DVD multi-format reader/burner
Matsushita UJ-840D. It reads and burns perfectly any DVD I tried, except
double-layers (I did not try yet, cause they're a bit expensive for me).

It burns very fast and reads OK afterwards DVD-RW and DVD+RW, but can't
even read any CDr or CDrw, audio or data. It's not a software problem,
cause I discoved it after burning (on an other PC) a bootable Linux CD,
and trying to boot: the laptop behaved as if there were no CD in the reader.

So I tried to read my bootable CD-RW (yes, I used a RW cause I thought
it would be used once or twice) on other optical units: 6 others readers
on 2 PCs (Pioneer DVD reader, Plextor 40x Cd reader, 2 different Yamaha
CD-burners, a Plextor-708 and a lite-on DVD-double-layer multi-format
burners. They all read perfectly (I checked the CRC) my CD-rw, and other
CD's, audio or data, rw or r only...

None of the burned CD's was seen by my laptop (I tried as the admin/root
user), audio or data, and though, I tried old (home-burned) audio CDs
that my old hifi-CD reader (1987!:-) reads perfectly.

So what ? thanks for any help.

Re: Asus laptop does not **read** burned CDs

markorki wrote:
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read this thread

Re: Asus laptop does not **read** burned CDs

Rev.GGWillikers a écrit :

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thanks a lot,

it's amazing : a dirty lens doesnt make any problem to read DVD-RW burnt
at x8, though you can't even see the limit of the burning, but you can't
read the "big holes" of a CDR, even burnt at x1 (CD speed)

the lens did not look dirty but it was...
maybe it works also because the cleansing makes you move the small
"carriage" bearing the lens, which cleans the small metal guides, and
helps the lens following the track...

thanks again ;-)

Re: Asus laptop does not **read** burned CDs

"markorki" <moicestmarcpointmorelchezwanadoofr> wrote in message
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These drives contain 2 lasers, one for reading and writing DVDs and the
other for reading and writing CDs.  The CD laser in your unit has failed.
This is not such an uncommon failure.

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