Asus A7 series

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I'm new to Asus and new to notebooks in general.
I've got a few questions and I hope you guys can help me.

- unfortunately, my cat has already made my LCD screen a little dirty.
Does anyone know what's the best way to clean the tft screen of the A7J
notebook? It's a bright anti-reflection glare-type kind of lcd.

-  Whenever I switch from power supply to battery, I receive a message
from the ATI software telling me that my POWERPLAY preference setting
cannot be activated in the current screen configuration. Does anyone
know what this means and how to prevent it?

-  When the laptop has been in Standby mode,  iexplore.exe seems to
crash.  I've got to quit this process before i can use the standard xp
gui again.   Is there anyone with the same experience?
Many thanks in advance!


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