Asus A4964G-LH

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I just saw the Asus A4964G-LH laptop and it seems a great machine but
the price seems too low to be true. It has a 1680x1050 screen crammed
into 15.4" and an 8X dual-layer DVD burner, yet it's cheaper than most
other good-brand machines with similar specs but smaller screens.

Does anyone know this model or whether Asus's current models are good
and reliable? Are there hidden catches such as a slow HD, FSB, RAM, or
a greater likelihood for pixel failure etc? It's intended to be used as
a desktop replacement so it'll probably be on for more hours than it's

I searched Google groups for any references but could only find posts
from a few years ago saying some Asus laptops with these sized screens
used a Hitachi unit that was terrible (I don't know why). This new
model looked OK to me, perhaps not as clear and bright as the Sony
X-Brite screens, but it wasn't too dim or dull. Didn't see what it was
like with moving images.

The only place I can see selling this new model so far is: /
Maybe it's badged as something else in other countries?

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