ASU,Acer,Compaq what to chose???

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I consider buying a new laptop and the price is around $980 for the 3
mentioned,it will be used for some work in CAD mainly but also some games
like racing or SIMs imageediting large sizes 2000 pixels and up video
editing and such,all of these have Vista Home,Basic or Premium installed.
I need to know what could be the best choice,considering batterytime,best
operating with Vista,any issues like easy overheating burning and such.It
will mainly be on battery traveling between locations and then mainly
calculation some text editing and a bit image editing.Most important is
reliability cause will not be able to get any repair or parts at all more
then once in every 2 months.
So what could be the best choice among these 3 laptops with similar price
any advise or info about them is thankfully recieved.

1.ASUS X50RL-AP378A with Intel Pentium Dual Core T2390 processor, 2GB
RAM,ATI X1100,160 GB HD

2.ACER 7220-202G16 with AMD Sempron64 3600+
2 Gb RAM, 160 Gb HD, DVD+-RW, NVidia Geforce 7000M, 17'' WXGA, Vista Home

3.Compaq Presario 50108EO It has 3GB of RAM( upgradable to 8GB) and 160GB HD
and NVidia GeForce 8200M
monitorresolution is 1280x800.

Thanx in advance

Re: ASU,Acer,Compaq what to chose???

Nightmare wrote:

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From personal experience, if this is going to be YOUR laptop then the most
important issue is whether YOU like it.  Therefore, I'd recommend going to
try some actual hands-on use of each of them.  If they are available for
hands-on at the same place, great!  All things being equal - buy what
"feels" best for you and don't buy based on specifications.  If you do,
you'll always be disappointed.

Good luck

Re: ASU,Acer,Compaq what to chose???

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The laptops are unfortunately just available thrue webpurchase and it was
cause of that I asked if any had any experience of any those.
But I have an opportunity to at least try one of them,the ASUS,one of my
friends got one a week ago.
I'm very grateful for your advise even if I can't follow it on the other 2
items but you are right it is always best to test and see if you like it and
if it works for what it is intended for,cause my stationary I've tested
before I purchased it so...
Thanx again

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