AST Ascentia J Series (P100) laptop questions

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I am looking for some information on an old AST Ascentia J series
laptop.  It has a Pentium 100 processor.

What type of memory does it use?  Is it a some standard stuff or
proprietary?  It has two slots for memory, but the only stuff I've found
  online for it is overly expensive.

I'd also like information for opening up the case.

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Re: AST Ascentia J Series (P100) laptop questions

Hi, Jon.  I have an Astia J20 laptop.  It cost me $1,000, for 8 MB of
RAM and a 512MB HD.  This is more than my latest, an Averatec, with
512 MB of RAM and 60 GB of HD.  However, I like that J20 a lot.

I have not yet found out how to open it.  If you find something on
this, please post it here.

However, I do know of what looks like a good place to get RAM and a
larger HD for an AST J-series laptop.  Find Kahlon, Inc, in your
latest Computer Shopper.

Their Web is; also email to, also phone

They look also like a good place to try for a new nickel metal hydride
or lithium battery.  

I've posted a few queries over the past two years about how to open my
J20, and I got no replies back.

Cheers -- Martha Adams

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