armada 7700 problem

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i have an armada 7770, my problem is after a few minutes of using it,
it powers
off automatically, its not shutting down but power just cut
off, if i try to
turn it back again the problem repeats itself, after
a couple of times trying to
power it back on, it wont respond
anymore. there is no display, no hdd activity
or whatsoever. there
are two lights that keep blinking. i was thinking about a
problem in
the power supply but i cant confirm it, could not try a battery cause
i dont have one, im running it on ac power all the time. its not
anymore, and its just a gift from a relative of mine whos
unavailable at this
time. maybe you guys out there could help me on
this one, im kinda running out
of hope

Re: armada 7700 problem

It could be the AC Adaptor, but the two blinking lights might mean some
thing else entirely.  As soon as you boot up the laptop check your
power management settings.  The timing might be set really low.  Also
check if the computer recognises that there is no battery.

Check the LED on the AC Adaptor, if it does not light up then it may be
faulty or the cable from the mains socket may be faulty.  If it is
constantly flickers then the AC Adaptor is faulty.  Does it get hotter
than normal???

Check that the vents are not clogged up with dust/debris.  If it is,
unclog it by using an air duster or a vacum carefully.  Does the laptop
get hotter than normal?  It may also be the CPU fan.  If the fan is
faulty then the CPU will get hot and the safety mechanism is a complete

Hope this helps.
Battery Wizard

Re: armada 7700 problem

Quoted text here. Click to load it

How exactly do you try to do this ? The power switch ?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Is there a battery in there ( a bad one?). If so, remove it and try

Which lights blink ? Is it going into Standby ?
Press the lid switch manually ? Is the problem the same AS IF you closed
the lid switch ? Bad/ stuck switch ?

Here's a pointer to Compaq 7700 online info:

here a pdf for the 7700 series manual:

Quoted text here. Click to load it
If it was in standby and you then turned the power switch off a few
times - you're telling it to " Power Off"
In the BIOS , does the power switch " Turn Pc Off" or " Standby Mode" ?

Try these and reply here to let us know how you're doing.

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