armada 1510 laptop setup?

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A friend gave me a pentium III Compaq Armada 1510 laptop that has 32Mb
of ram, but it had a password on bootup. So we temporarily disconnected
the internal battery to wipe the password but we can't seem to figure
out what function keys to press to get it to come up in cmos setup
mode.  ????

please email me if you can help. thx.

Maybe some kind of linux would run on something like this.

Re: armada 1510 laptop setup?

On Jan 29, 2:48 pm, (David A Rasmussen) wrote:
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f10 on compaq usually,

try also,

esc, f1, f2, f11, del, space, ctrl-alt-s, crtl-esc, esc-f1, (I might
be forgetting some). Try mashing down on a bunch of keys to make to
error out, it may tell you how to get into setup.

Re: armada 1510 laptop setup? wrote:
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Also in the dark ages we had a few compaqs which
could only be configured with a system floppy.

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