AOpen 1557GLS BIOS problem

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I recently flashed to the new AOpen bios R01-A1J but then the laptop screen
stopped working. The external screen output works though. I managed to flash
to another version of the BIOS for the same system but with 64MB video ram
(R01-B1J). Now the laptop screen works, but only 64MB and not 128MB is
recognized by the system. The flash utility won't let me flash to the BIOS
that originally came with my laptop (R01-A1Ea). I just get the message
"model ID check error". Does anyone know how to flash back to the originally
BIOS so I can utilize the full 128MB video ram?

The system: AOpen 1557GLS, 1.7 Dothan CPU, ATI9700 128, 1GB RAM

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