Anyone using compact flash slot for wi-fi?

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    I recently re-installed W2K on my IBM Transnote and have run into
an issue - my Sandisk Connect-Plus card (a CF II card that does
wireless and is a 128MB flash drive) now blue-screens the system with
an ACPI error whenever Windows tries to power it down by shutting down
or going into suspend. I'm running the latest drivers from SanDisk and
I've played with the available power management settings, but so far
no luck.
    The only big difference between my previous install and the current
one is updates: I downloaded all the latest W2K updates from MS (53 in
all) and used the latest drivers for the card rather than version 1.0
from the packaging.
    Right now, I'd settle for a replacement as well as a fix. Is anyone
using a compact flash wi-fi card that works in Windows? I'm looking at
the Symbol Wireless Networker, for one.
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Re: Anyone using compact flash slot for wi-fi?

E Brown wrote:
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I use the symbol card in my pda.
Plugged it into the laptop via CF/PCMCIA adapter and it seemed to work fine.
Search the Dell PDA sites and you'll find all sorts of problems with the
Sandisk combo card.  Don't know if that spills over into use on a your
FWIW, I have all manner of network problems with my laptop when I
suspend, hibernate, do anything that disconnects the wifi link.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it locks up, sometimes I have to reset the

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