Anyone score on either of these Best Buy "Black Sunday" specials?

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I know it's a week late to ask, but I'm still curious. ;jsessionid=ZLSCPOHI101GRKC4D3HVAFY?skuId=7634385&type=product&id=1134698319292 ;jsessionid=ZLSCPOHI101GRKC4D3HVAFY?skuId=7677542&type=product&id=1134702462380

They're both sold out now, of course, and since I didn't see the ad
until the next day I didn't get a chance either.

If you did, what do you think?  How's it working out for you?  Did you
get your money's worth?

Anyway, I kind of hope that running specials like this on Super Bowl
Sunday becomes a yearly occurence, and one observed by a lot more
retailers.  The more chances to buy a ~$400 laptop, the better.

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