Anyone score a $400 rig on Black Friday?

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I actually got up this year, believe it or not.  No luck with either
one, however.  Turns out Best Buy was essentially selling theirs
beginning at midnight, giving out tickets to the first however many in
line so they'd get to grab them all when the doors opened at 5.
However many Wal-Mart had were long gone by the time I got there.

Incidentally, I see Best is now selling their erstwhile $400
entry (Toshiba L25-S1192) exclusively online bundled with a case and
mouse for $550 after a $250 mail-in rebate.  Now if they'd agree to
upgrade the OS to XP Pro that'd be a decent deal.  Even at that, it's
better than Wal-Mart now selling their HP ZE2308WM for $668.

Anyway, I'm just curious.  Did anyone here actually manage to get hold
of one of these?  If so, what do you think?  Had any problems with it
yet?  If you scored the Toshiba, has the 90-day warranty given you
second thoughts?  How about getting along with only a pair of USB ports
on the HP, for those of you who lucked out at Wal-Mart?

Although this may sound like someone crying sour grapes, it really
isn't.  I was just going to use one of these as a backup to my
front-line machine if I'd gotten one.  Since I didn't I'll be spending
maybe $100 less to patch up my old Averatec-which even though it's 2
1/2 years old had better specs than either of these, except for only
802.11b wireless and 10 gigs less hard drive space-and use it for that,
so it's not as though I'm laptop-destitute or anything like that.  I'd
imagine anyone following this group had a similar plan in mind.  I'm
just wondering how well either of these machines filled the bill.

Re: Anyone score a $400 rig on Black Friday?

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I didn't manage to get my hands on them either.  I went to Best Buy around
4AM or so, while the spouse went to Wal Mart.

By the time I got to Best Buy, they were already announcing that the $150
desktops and $400 laptops were spoken for.  The only thing I could have
gotten a "ticket" for was one of the digital camera specials.  I did snag a
couple other deals, including Destroy All Humans (PS2) for a present, on
sale for $20 and I had run across a $5 off coupon for it in the store.  I
also grabbed a LiteOn DVD recorder, even though it only records on + format

According to my significant other, Wal Mart could have taken a lesson from
Best Buy.  It was a rush to find the products there, and the first people to
get to the laptops were able to grab more than one, which they promply
handed to friends or family member that had been further back in the line.
We could have gotten one of the $400 desktops with LCD screen, but it was a
Sempron and the optical drive couldn't even *read* DVDs,  much less write
them.  Bought a couple DVD movies and a couple more PS2 games, and that was
it for them.

Re: Anyone score a $400 rig on Black Friday?

Well, I managed to place an online order with for the rig at
$379 at about 3am in the morning.  The order was accepted, and I
received a confirmation E-Mail with a confirmation order number and
pricing ($379).

Then about 12 hours later I received a cancellation notice; claimed they
were "out of stock", but we all know that's BS.

Any class action lawyers in the group?  I do think that they would have
had a right not to have processed / accepted the order in the first
place.  But having accepted it, I'm not sure that they had a right to
cancel it under false pretenses simply because they didn't want to sell
it at that price. wrote:

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Re: Anyone score a $400 rig on Black Friday?

probably the best you could get them on is false advertisement or fraud.

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Re: Anyone score a $400 rig on Black Friday?

Here in central Florida they were showing fights and people throwing
those laptops into the crowd in several WM stores. Glad I didn't try
for one. Not worth getting killed for a 2nd rate HP.

NOYK in Ocala

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