Anyone know what is the problem with this laptop?

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Compaq Armada e500.  Battery never worked (bought it used), but as
soon as I put the AC adapter plug in, in starts up, without me
switching it on.  Is it possible that something is bypassing the
battery, because for all I know the battery is fine?  Any ideas about
things I could try?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Anyone know what is the problem with this laptop?

In typed on Mon, 14 Jan 2008 15:29:52 -0800 (PST):
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If the battery doesn't hold a charge, I would never leave it in the
laptop for starters. As weak batteries tend to get really warm and I
believe the extra heat isn't good for the battery or the laptop.

Second of all, powers up when you plug the AC adapter in, eh? Well I
have seen this setting in the Setup with some desktops, but not in a
laptop yet. Although yours might have it. As it allows the computer to
power up when power is applied. This is handy if it is used as a server
or something. As it will power up by itself if power was lost for some
reason and then comes back. I'd check the CMOS/BIOS Setup for such a
setting before I go any further.

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Re: Anyone know what is the problem with this laptop? wrote:
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There is a capacitor in the start-button circuit that must be charged so
that the startup electronics can switch the power on when the power
button is pressed.  If the main battery is dead, and if the CMOS battery
is likewise dead, that capacitor will drain and keep the startup circuit
aligned to AC power when the computer is shut down and AC power is
removed; the power key should work to shut down the computer since the
cap should charge while the computer is on AC power, but the power key
will not work to start because the capacitor drains when AC is removed.

...or something like that.  The CMOS battery is located on the mainboard
and is plainly visible if you open the case.

One thing to try: shut down, remove the AC adapter, battery, and hold
the power key down for about a minute.  On Compaq computers, this resets
the electronics to a power-down state.  Attach the AC adapter, and then
try booting with the power key (if the computer does not simply restart
on inserting the AC adapter).


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