Anyone know about the firm "PC Laptops" of S.L.C. UT?

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Hello everyone,

I've found this group a source of invaluable information over the many
years I've "lurked" here and have learned a tremendous lot about
laptops in general. Many thanks to all who have contributed.

I am looking for any reports positive or negative from anyone who has
had dealings with the firm "PC Laptops" of Salt Lake City, Utah
( ).

Not to be too mysterious, I recently had my Sony laptop repaired by
them at a cost of $1120.00, they replaced the MB and other parts. Just
two months later it has died again and "PC Laptops" has refused to make
good on their work, saying they have a 30 day warranty on repairs!

Anyway I think this stinks! Their agent (American Express) told me "PC
Laptops" had a 90 day parts and labor warranty (same as Sony) before I
sent my laptop in to them.

If anyone has done business with these people or can tell me more about
them I'd appreciate it, please reply to this ng. If nothing else let
this message be a cautionary tale to those needing repairs.

Thanks again to all and sorry if consumer inquiry/gripes are
inappropriate here.

K. Sully

Re: Anyone know about the firm "PC Laptops" of S.L.C. UT?

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    I know they have extremely annoying advertisements, almost as
annoying as another local shop which I won't mention because I'd rather
not give them any advertising mileage even if it is bad press.

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    What do you mean by "Their agent" and what does American Express
have to do with this?  Was it something that you had repaired under a
warranty extension through American Express?  Go complain to Amex if so,
even if not, and you paid on your Amex, put the charge in dispute.
Where are you physically located?  It sounds like your not local to them,
but if you are you could always go make a big scene in their shop about it.
$1120.00 is absurd, you could have bought a new laptop with a full
1-3 year warranty for that price and I'm wondering why you didn't.

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    I don't do business with people that use annoying advertising to
make bold claims.  One thing I always wondered about these places is why
people don't think about the fact that their "3 year warranty" or
whatever it is that they're touting is:  1) Pretty useless if the place
goes out of business and 2) Pretty useless if you travel/move and the
warranty service has to be done at a local shop.  Anyway, that's
unrelated to your problem really.

    Good luck!

Re: Anyone know about the firm "PC Laptops" of S.L.C. UT?

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before I
about it.

I was in SLC on business a few years ago. I stopped in to see them and
check out their laptops. They didn't want to (or couldn't) answer most
of my technical questions about their products and had poor sales
attitudes - DUDE!


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