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Sorry to cross post but I got no response from Windows XP helpdesk

I have a Dell Inspiron 700m with Windows XP Home edition. I use several
USB devices, all of which are currently failing to enumerate properly.
When I plug them in, they show up as Unknown Devices. If I delete this
in Device manager, when I reboot, they are recognized as the default
USB device (Vid 0000 & Pid 0000). I've tried the following:

-Uninstalling/Reinstalling software
-Flashing BIOS
-Deleting Root hub, then Host in Device manager (safe mode)
-Deleting OEM files referring to any USB device (that didn't work so I
restored my computer to put them back).
-Using USBInf to identify the problem (it confirms that enumeration

I suspect that the problem lies with the fact that none of my devices
seems to have a device serial number: Palm Handheld, Sony camera, IPOD,
Cannon Still.

Because of this, I probably should not have used the same port for
different devices. The problem is that I only have two ports.

Dell tells me I should reinstall the Op System. But I can't back up my
data onto CDs because I have 7 gig worth of back up and my cd's limit
is 700 Meg.

Can anyone tell me how to force XP to stop recognizing my devices as
the default? I have the correct VID and PID numbers - is there
something I can do in the registry?

Re: Any USB Experts? wrote:
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Nope, not device s/n.  I have much the same type of devices and no
problems at all on any of four computers.  You might want to reinstall.
First, though, In Device Manager, View menu/show hidden devices; then
remove first the USB Root Hubs, then remove each Host Controller.
Reboot.  Run, from a command prompt: sfc /scannow to check each system
file's integrity.  Reboot.  See if this helps.

If nothing improves you will need to reinstall.  If you do this, be sure
to update to SP2, but run sfc /scannow after the install prior to
installing SP2.  Be sure to install any needed chipset drivers.


Re: Any USB Experts?

Thanks for replying. I'll try that using the scannow command.
I've done it a few times without that step.

Interesting note for anyone with a Palm pilot who is experiencing the
same problem, there is a way to see all installed devices in Device
manager, even if they aren't plugged in...

And in fact, just now as was looking up the syntax I found a good
troubleshooter! Here it is on another post from a Microsoft technician,
for those interested. As it says, it's not a Microsoft KB article, but
perhaps it should be.

Re: Any USB Experts? wrote:
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This is likely a good idea, but I have problems with the reg editing as
a matter of course.  This is not for the faint of heart or the casual XP
user.  I think that removing the USB system as I've described (and this
is a typical MS MVP response) is much safer since the removal itself
does the reg editing.  The removal wipes *everything*.

Anyway, the Palm is, I believe, accessed through a com port that is
controlled by the Palm Desktop/HotSynch Manager, except for those Palms
that have storage cards, and the card itself is mounted as a removeable
drive.  Look for the com port in Ports, with View Hidden Devices
toggled.  Ports are volatile so the Palm port might not show up unless
the Palm is connected.  Palm OS 4.x does this, I don't know about 5.x,
i.e., the LifeDrive.


Re: Any USB Experts?

You were right. This just eliminated my palm settings altogether. The
Set Devmgr commands are useful though, to show all entries in Device
Manager. I'll try your advice after I restore.

Re: Any USB Experts? wrote:
: Dell tells me I should reinstall the Op System. But I can't back up my
: data onto CDs because I have 7 gig worth of back up and my cd's limit
: is 700 Meg.

As a side note, do you realize how unreliable hard drives are?  Your
drive could die tomorrow and you could lose everything.

I suggest you get an external hard drive and a program like Acronis
True Image to backup your hard drive.  This could all be had for under
$100 total.  For example, where I live, Fry's is having a sale on hard
drives - $19.99 after rebate for a desktop 120GB hard drive.  Buy a
$26 USB enclosure and you have an external hard drive.  (Assuming you
could unplug the hub and get the USB drive to work despite your
problem.)  Acronis cost me $35 I think.

Anyway - that would make backing up your data very easy, then you
could re-install windows with the confidence that you have
everything.  Plus in the future you can backup your whole system

By the way, I wonder if trying a USB PC Card to add more USB ports
(different USB chipset probably) would give you different results?
Maybe there is something flakey about your USB ports in your hardware?

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