any suggestions ?

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I am curious .. I had a wifi card with vodafone but they charged by
data and in the end it was pretty expensive..

Now I dont mind so much just now but I have a friend who ..well hes in
the funny farm and not doing well , I was hoping internet access might
cheer him up so forth but of course theres no damm phone jack and hes
only being given 20 a month to live on..

So then I was looking at my options and I noticed there was wifi
network called cloud that seemed resonable price for a month between 20
/ 30 where hes at in Inverenss , Scotland..


The other option I was thinking of which may involve more cost at least
initially, or someone with the know all and some karma to burn, was to
find a way he could somehow hack into the phone line and use it.. at
night when it was not busy.

Well if any one has any suggestions I'd apprecaite it , I can give him
my old card and was going search for cheap lal top i could but him ,
thats not so much problem as finding a way to get affordable access ,
as it stand i would prob have to help pay for him if we went with the
cloud option ..

thank yer all


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