Any recommendation on new /laptop/notebook purchase?

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Long time user of a home desktop pc.  Never had a laptop/notebook
before, but want to get one finally mainly for surfing the internet
when I'm bored and not at home.  For example, during breaks at work,
where instead of hogging one of the work computers, I could plug my
notebook directly (or perhaps even wirelessly, by discretely "splicing"
an 802.11 Wi-Fi router) into my workplace LAN for high-speed internet
access.  But I have no experience with laptops'/notebooks'
durability/reliability considerations, best and worst brands,
etc...etc... For example, would an Apple possibly be a better value?
Or should I stick with a Windows system given that that's what I'm used
to with my pc?  Basically I want a system that will work for me just
when I want to use it without having unexpected surprises or glitches
to tend to (which are otherwise tolerable to me when I'm at home with
my pc where I have lots of time).  Also, in the event something should
fail... quality customer and warranty support.  Any recommendations,
advice, etc. would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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