Any non-IBM notebooks with TrackPoint-type pointing devices? [continuation]

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Hello folks,

Continuing on the topic "Any non-IBM notebooks with TrackPoint-type
pointing devices?"
( /),
I've just found out that, like HP, Fujitsu-Siemens also produces some
models with trackpoints.

I've posted the result of my research here:
To sum it up: again like HP, Fujitsu-Siemens only offers trackpoints on
their Intel-based notebooks.  :-/

As for myself:  I've just bought another Thinkpad T22 on eBay, so I can
keep going even when my current one finally gives up the ghost (should
be any day now). I think that sometime after Intel starts shipping
Merom (the mobile version of the upcoming EM64T/AMD64-clone Conroe)
sometime next August, then maybe I can buy a notebook with an
AMD64-compatible CPU and a trackpoint; surely Intel's cloned EM64T is
not as nice as the real AMD64 deal, but at least it should enable me to
run most of the available 64-bit software.

   Durval Menezes.

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