Any comments on the X300 video card

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It's ATI X300 I think.  The cheaper one that is in the IBM R52 laptop.


Re: Any comments on the X300 video card

i'm good wrote:
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X300 = 9600 in PCI express bus. Nothing more, nothing less.

Re: Any comments on the X300 video card

A lot of the times it is less as x300 has the ability to us system
memory... ie. UMA

9600 does not.


Re: Any comments on the X300 video card

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I don't know anything about what this means.
I was wondering if people think the X300 is alright and what issues there
are with it.  All I can do is research cards on the web.  My impression is
the X300 is about the cheapest graphics cards you can get for a laptop.
Is it okay with Doom 3 for example, perhaps at lower settings, which I can


Re: Any comments on the X300 video card

the x300 is a low end graphics card, meant for the average comp user.

it wont suck the life out of your battery like a mainstream or high end
card will, but you probably wont find it adequate for most newer games

if you do your homework, you can probably tweak most games to pump out
acceptable frame rates at the cost of image quality,

if your heart is set on the wallet friendly x300, bear in mind that the
comparable x300 desktop part gets about 10 frames per second on doom 3
with a very expensive top of the line processor and ram not available
in any notebooks

again, you can "tweak" by lowering resolution and manually turning off
effects, etc

also, if doom 3 is your goal, buy a comparable nvidia chip for better
results, maybe you will get 10 fps for the same price and less no
driver issues / less bugs (im only talking about doom 3... just happens
to be optimized for nvidia), i would guess that the x300 gets less than
10 fps at regular resolution
         <-- this is for desktop cards that will outcompete their
notebook variants. the mobility x300 will underperform all of these
cards, it would be borderline acceptable at 640 x 480 with everything
off, maybe, if that

if you want to play ut2004 or half life 2, you will probably find
better results than with doom 3, they should run decent / more or less
well on an x300, they scale great unlike doom 3

also keep in mind there are several versions of the x300...look up
"hyper memory" (ati) and "turbocache" (nvidia equivalent) and see if
the card is standard or one of those, i belive the hm versions will
perform better

ultimately you have to decide, price vs. quality, you get what you pay
for... dont expect great things from a budget card, as an alternative i
reccomend a mainstream card x600, 9600, geforce 6600

high end cards x800, geforce6800, and 6800ultra (the ultra is the best
by a large margin at the time of this writing) are oober expensive,
obviously, and have a horrible price to performance ratio

Re: Any comments on the X300 video card

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Thanks, I note all you say.
But how does one have choice of graphics card in a laptop?
It's hard enough for me choosing a laptop.  I can't spend a lot more than
what I presently expect to.  Can I actually change the graphics card, or
one when there isn't one?


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