Any "Chipsets/Bus Speeds/Acronyms for Dummies?"

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Don't know if I'm speaking for anyone at all here; maybe you all are
professionals or very proficient hobbyists.

If you are, can you suggest a GOOD link where someone on the moderate
level of PC-knowledge can 1) read about and 2) master the "compu-speak"
regarding all the ancillary electronics related to hard drives and RAM?

If you're completely untutored in things PC-related, you don't have a
problem.  But if you're moderately educated, all the numbers, letters,
and quantifications associated with things like chipsets, cards,
plug-ins...  It's overwhelming.

Man, I'd appreciate some responses that don't ridicule me.  If this
post sounds stupid to you, please remember I wouldn't be able to post
to this group if it were moderated!

Re: Any "Chipsets/Bus Speeds/Acronyms for Dummies?"

I dont think that your going to find any quick fix.  Here is a link to
just one of many computer/internet acronyms websites.

Something that helped me the most was one if the first books I read in
college.  Managing and Maintaining your PC. Second Edition by Jean
Andrews  You maybe able to find it at your local library.

I think with most people they just learn over time as they come into
problems or installations related to computers.



Re: Any "Chipsets/Bus Speeds/Acronyms for Dummies?"

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That's how I did it, after you repair your system so many times you pick
up some of the lingo.
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Re: Any "Chipsets/Bus Speeds/Acronyms for Dummies?"

Uh... u can only pick these up if u keep involved (spend lots of time
on newsgroups, reading PC magazines etc).  

If u are doing this one project and don't plan to stay with this
stuff, better just consult a dictionary if u don't undertand the
acronym. has a pretty good repertoire of geek terms.

If these terms start giving u a headache and u don't enjoy the project
anymore bc of the steep learning curve, then maybe it's time to buy a
ready-made box.

if u wanna book, the PC for Dummies series is a good place to start.

Re: Any "Chipsets/Bus Speeds/Acronyms for Dummies?"

bobb wrote:
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Yeah, at bottom I know this is true.  But thanks (also to Sean) for the
URLs.  It's a cutting-edge industry, and the minute you turn your head
away even for a second, you're lost.  PRESSURE.

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