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Is there an antivirus program that is reasonably good that can run on a
machine with 128Mb of RAM without completely slogging it down.  I'm
using an old laptop, tried to use AVG and found AVG was using a full 1/4
of the available RAM.  It also caused the system to literally take 30
minutes to boot up and log in.

Re: AntiVirus for 128Mb

Cyclops wrote:
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Give this a try, it works for me and dosn't seem to be a memory hog,,


Re: AntiVirus for 128Mb

Cyclops typed on Thu, 14 Feb 2008 12:37:19 GMT:
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Wow that is so weird! As I run AVG here and it has virtually no impact
whatsoever. And with AVG Resident Shield running, I only see the

avgamsvr.exe 488kb
avgcc.exe 700kb
avgupsvc.exe 1148kb

That is less than 2% on a 128MB system. And I run it just fine on 64MB
system as well. Maybe you have scheduled scan turned on at boot or
something. No, don't do that! That will take up lots of your memory and
cause the computer to take like forever to bootup. And with the Resident
Shield running, you rarely should scan your hard drive anyway. Because a
virus can't run with it running anyway. And just manually scan your hard
drive whenever you are going to leave your computer alone for awhile.
Like once a week or so (I scan like twice a year actually and it finds

email: change kom to com

Re: AntiVirus for 128Mb

BillW50 wrote:
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I tried AVG because on my old Desktop system when it ran Windows XP I
used AVG with  much the same results, and no, it wasn't scanning on
startup.  I switched to Avast! and now my memory consumption is very
low, so...  Hey, as long as my computer takes minutes rather than half
an hour to boot, I'm good. :)

Re: AntiVirus for 128Mb

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I had a dell laptop running win2k on 128mb ram. It slowed to a crawl with
AVG, so I uninstalled that and switched to Avast with no success. Ended up
never resolving the problem and sold the laptop anyway.

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