anti-static measures / haywire keyboard / advice?

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It was a bit rash of me, possibly, but I corrected a wrongly-fitting
keyboard in my laptop without looking up any info about anti-static
measures.  While the bonnet was up, so to speak, I had a look to see
how easy it would have been to fit my own RAM, having just paid for
that job.  apart from my CD drive recently dying - almost certainly
mechanical as I tried all that DMA stuff - the computer usually works
fine, but sometimes the keyboard goes a bit haywire, as if someone is
pressing the Home key while I'm typing.  Is this related ot my static
blunder?  What can be done to correct this?  What should I have done
as an anti-static measure?

I have considered that this keyboard problerm is a virus, but it seems
a very petty symptom, even going by virus-writers' mentality.  Thanks
for any feedback.  you may ignore the question below, but it is one I
have posted elsewhere about a different problem.

"I have had my laptop 3 years without having any second user account
on it.  I don't know if there is a connection, but since adding a 2nd
i.d. I get a box sometimes - but not always - saying something like
'Winio failed to load. Please reinstall'  I see I have some files in
my o/s called winio but also there is something downloadable on the
internet of this name.  What is happening?  The only other thing
different on my computer is some mobile phone software called
Wellphone, which enables me ot type SMS from my laptop, sending it
through the phone, and to save SIM information.  The drivers for my
phone and its other software are installed.  But I had Wellphone
installed for a week before getting this winio box, and before setting
up the 2nd user account.

Thanks in advance for any feedback."

Re: anti-static measures / haywire keyboard / advice?

kplumm typed on Mon, 28 Jan 2008 09:40:03 -0800 (PST):
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Yes static electricity could probably cause this sort of damage. In
fact, static electricity does seem to damage keyboards support chips and
mice a lot.

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WINio is part of VirtualBasic 3.0 I think. Just Google WINio and you can
find places to download it.

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Re: anti-static measures / haywire keyboard / advice?

Does static dissipate, though?  Or can it be made to?  Couldn't
leaving the keyboard in certain conditions, whatever they may be, get
things back to normal.  Or, if next time I fit the same keyboard with
one of those wrist-straps on myself, could that do it?  I haven't
looked into how much those anti-static straps cost yet, or where to
get them round where I live.


Re: anti-static measures / haywire keyboard / advice?

kplumm typed on Wed, 30 Jan 2008 10:03:46 -0800 (PST):
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You can touch the screw on the plate of a light switch before touching
the computer, keyboard, or mouse.too. Assuming that it is wired to
ground. A lot of codes require it to be so in many areas.

With many chips that is sensitive to static (not all are), they tend to
blow more easily when the power is off. When they are powered on, they
are protected more against such.

IMHO, wrist-straps are okay but are overrated. As long as you touch
something metal that is grounded first, you should be okay. I work with
chips all of the time and that is all I do. And if the humidly is say
70% or higher, I don't even bother grounding myself. If the humidly is
say 30% or less, there is a real danger of very high static electricity
that could do some serious damage.

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