ANN: Laptop sync - Christmas sale

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You can get 20% discount off the our Laptop synchronize software, AJC
Directory Synchronizer this week.

To get your discount please enter the coupon code "CHRAA" when purchasing.

AJC Directory Synchronizer makes it easy to synchronize files and compare
folders between any two locations.  Synchronize large numbers of files
between computers, sync laptop to desktop, mirror to backup drive, sync mp3
player etc.

Read more at:

Wizards make it very easy to setup your synchronize task which can be saved
as a project for quick regular use.   Built in archiving system makes it
easy to recover files if you make a mistake.

The file information is visually presented in a familiar Windows explorer
style way.  The two directory structures are overlaid on top of each other
with color coding to indicate which machine the files are on.

Synchronization is achieved via an easy to read list that shows which files
should be transferred, using color coded arrows.  This review list is a
powerful safety feature allowing the user to make sure that only the correct
files are synchronized.  From this list: files can be compared using the
built in Diff tool; transfer directions altered; files omitted from the
list, etc.  Once satisfied with the list the synchronize process can be

Merry Christmas!

Andrew Cutforth - AJC Software -
The best folder synchronize and directory compare tool available.
AJC Active Backup instantly archives every file you edit giving you
unlimited undo and automatic revision control.  Never lose your data again.

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