An FYI (relates to earlier thread about updating oldish laptops)

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Just to let y'all know - I ordered this thing from the Hong Kong supplier

ebay item 250287931329

turned up yesterday ...

Well its as described ... sits flush with the "edge" of the laptop, and
provides 2 x USB2 ports from a Cardbus slot. Controller chips are NEC.
Has a 5V in connector in the usual way.

Its the first time I've seen this "hide-inside" style of cardbus->usb2 -
the "big deal" about it is that it live in the bottom slot of 2 without
preventing the use of another card above it.
When used with a card above it, the USB ports are almost inaccessible of
course, but I figure on doing a bit of surgery to the male USB plugs'
plastic "shoulder" of a couple of cables/devices to allow connection ...

I reckon its a fine addition to many laptops - including more modern
ones already equipped with a couple of usb2 ports - as usually one port
is taken up straight away by a mouse. This card can only supply minimal
bus-power (spec says 100mA) - but thats enough for 2 of the most
commonly used devices, i.e. mouse and memory stick. Obviously its no
problem for self-powered devices like printers etc. This then frees up
the laptops "native" ports for other stuff that _does_ require more
bus-power like webcams etc.

Oh yeah - that supplier also seems to have a "hide-inside" cardbus-> 1 x
USB2 + bluetooth card .....

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