Ampliifying a Laptop FM Transmitter?

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So I'm a poor-assed college student with a car that just has a radio. I
have a laptop, so I thought a cheap workaround to having to listen to
either the radio or nothing all day would be to buy an adapter that
lets me broadcast a weak radio signal from my laptop and to my

The problem is that I live in an area that's pretty thoroughly
saturated by radio stations, so no matter what I set the
adaptor/receiver to I'll always get interferance that's pretty
substantial. I figure if I can amplify the radio signal a little bit
I'll be able to listen to my MP3s without being randomly hijacked by
Nickelback or something.

Anybody have any idea what the best course of action would be?

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I have the same problem - actually, a little more annoying in that
there are a couple of spaces around where I live, and a couple of
spaces around where I work, but they don't coincide - meaning I have to
change stations on my morning and evening commutes as I listen to my
iPod. (I hate commercial radio; I ONLY listen to my iPod).

The solution I found was to remove or retract the car's aerial
[depending on which car I'm driving]. This attenuates the distant
stations below the receiver's sensitivity. The FM transmitter will
still be picked up strongly.

A better solution is to add a stereo with a line-in jack, or hack a
line-in jack onto the existing sound system. If your car (like two of
mine) is one of those irritating vehicles where the radio is part of
the console, you can almost certainly buy an aftermarket replacement
console piece (typically around $40) that has a standard DIN hole for
an aftermarket radio.

Re: Ampliifying a Laptop FM Transmitter?

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Does your car have a cassette player?  Buy one of those cassette adapters
that run for about US$10 and plug into the earphone/speaker jack on the

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