AMD laptop noise???

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We have an HP with and AMD Turion 64 x2 chip running Vista (2G RAM).

It seems to make more noise than other laptops I have been around.
Although slight, it does continually sound as if the HD is grinding and
The cooling fan is a bit noisy and it comes on quite frequently.

My wife uses it in a quiet classroom setting and the other students
laptops are quieter.
This is a bummer since we bought it for this class.

Do you think is a defective laptop or are the AMD chip laptops, as a
rule, noisier than Intel?

Any tips would be helpful.
I turned off nearly all start-up progs.


Re: AMD laptop noise???

SHRED wrote:
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Check the HD; HP has been selling some 4200rpm drives in their Turion
series notebooks.  IMO, a 4200rpm HD is incompatible with the fast
processors and could be working hard, noisily, to keep up.


Re: AMD laptop noise???

SHRED wrote:
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My guess is it's the fan(s).  Set the laptop to its maximum power-saving
settings.  This reduces the need to dissipate heat with the fans.

Also, check the Task Manager for actively running programs when it's
chugging for seeming no reason.  Maybe a virus scanner, or the Microsoft
search indexer program (sorry can't remember the right name).  I realize
you turned off most of the start-up programs, but checking the Task
Manager is a more direct way to be sure.

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