AMD 2gb memory capacity...??

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AMD 2gb memory capacity...??

I have been noticing recently that the only laptops available with 4gb
are the Intel based laptops...???

Does anyone have any idea why...??

Re: AMD 2gb memory capacity...??

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I have seen several AMD lappies that can *support* 4 GB but have only 2 GB

Since AMD Procs use Hypertransport and Direct Connect Architecture, they are
more efficient when using RAM.  Generally, with AMD procs, there is no
significant increase in system performance when going from 2 GB to 4 GB.
Intel. on the other hand, which uses the NB/FSB for RAM/PROC I/O, more RAM
will give a slight bump in system performance, but is still limited by the
mediocre FSB speed on Intel laptops (800MHz on Intel vs. either 1.6GHz or
2.0 GHz on AMD).


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