"Alt" stuck on Toshiba Tecra A4

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The keyboard of my Toshiba Tecra A4 has a strange behaviour...:
When I press Alt-Fn ( in order to get the characters not mapped on the
keyboard by typing their ASCII codes ) the Alt remains stuck. The only
way to "release" it is to press "Alt" and then "Alt Gr".
Odd enough, isn't it ?
It doesn't seem like an HW issue, I can't understand...


Re: "Alt" stuck on Toshiba Tecra A4

Aldo Podavini (aka Flatline) wrote:
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If the keyboard "sticky key" function is invoked for the Alt key, hold
down the Alt key for up to five seconds and see if a menu pops up on the
screen.  Some keyboard drivers have this function, some do not.   This
not the same as the XP sticky key function.  This is accessed from the
Accessibility Option control panel, Keyboard tab, StickyKeys checkbox.


Re: "Alt" stuck on Toshiba Tecra A4

Thankyou for your reply.

Holding down the "Alt" key for (much) more than 5 secs nothing happens
on screen.
The StickyKeys checkbox on XP is NOT checked.

I don't understand...

Consider that the Alt keys remains as being held ONLY when I use it in
conjunction with "Fn".
The thing is even odder:
if I press "Alt", then "Fn", then I type my number (123 for "{", for
instance), then I release "Fn" and THEN I release "Alt", all works fine !!!
If - after having typed 123 - I BEFORE release "Alt" and THEN release
"Fn" the problem occurs :-((

Ok, I need to train my fingers to work in the proper way...


Quaoar wrote:
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