Alienware: Good Product, How's The Support?

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I'm thinking about buying an Alienware Laptop M15x. I plan on spending
under 2K. I like all the reviews and specs but have a few questions
about the company.
1. How's the phone support? I've heard and read horror stories about
other companies like a lack of understanding English and 2 hr. wait

2. How's the Warrantee? I'm thinking about going for a 2 yr. They
advertise "in home service" I don't mind if it's in home or if I have
to bring it to a local authorized repair shop, but I don't like
shipping a comp back, waiting for 6 weeks to get it back, only to find
out it's still not repaired and going thru the same process again. My
daughter's been thru that 2X with Dell and HP. Is the in home
relatively fast?

3.Is there a lot of "bloatware" and can it easily be disabled or

Thanks. I've already done some research on these forums but some of
the info is dated.

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Re: Alienware: Good Product, How's The Support?

Alienware is now owned by Dell.

Tarkus wrote:
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Re: Alienware: Good Product, How's The Support?

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I bought am M7700 Area 51 with 3.8 gig Pentium 4
17" display, and all of the addons I could get. This is not very
portable, but it is a great desktop replacement.

Customer service is where I had serious issues. Out of the box the
screen had dead pixels, and even though I upgraded the screen option,
Alienware refused to replace it. I then tried to find out if I could
upgrade to Vista. I was told no, and nothing would be done about it
since I bought with XP. I then had questiones about the 3 year onsite
warranty that I purchased, and was told that it was at thier
discression. They could require me to send it in.

The computer I bought is a good work horse, but I would not buy another
based on customer service.

I just bought a Lenovo Think Pad T500, and it just plain works. More
accesssory options as well. I think the Lenovo is as well built as the
Alienware, but is a better machine.

Alienware seems to have gone to crap since they sold out to Dell.

Re: Alienware: Good Product, How's The Support?

Tarkus wrote:
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A friend very recently bought her son a $4,000+ Alienware laptop.  She's had
nothing but trouble.  I don't know what was/is wrong with it, but support
has been horrible.  She sent it in twice for repair, but both times the
problem wasn't fixed.  They also promised something they called "expedited
service" and didn't provide it.  I think in the end she returned it and got
her son a Dell.  I can probably get more details if you want them.

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