Advice on desktop replacement?

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Looking to buy my next computer, would appreciate advice or directions
to good reference sites or newsgroups.

Currently I have a 5 years old desktop and a 5 years old laptop,
thinking of replacing them both with a single "desktop replacement"

Spec I'm after is like:

Good CPU and memory - fast enough to do software development/visual
studio work, phototoshop, autocad, etc

500 Gb disk

Needs to dock with and drive my existing 1920 X 1200 24" monitor.
Provided it can do this, I don't need a particularly large screen on
the laptop itself.

Would like to be able to play movies and photos on my home
entertainment system (HDMI ?). Also I will play music out through an
amp and speakers so need reasonable quality sound card.

Will mostly get used around the house (wifi) so weight is not a
critical issue.

Won't be used for serious gaming.

Expecting to pay in the 500-1000 range (bottom end of, hopefully)

Doubtless Dell will sell me soneting but what else should I be looking
at? I live in the uk, by the way.



Re: Advice on desktop replacement?

Somewhere on teh intarwebs ChrisR wrote:
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Hi Chris,

If I were you I'd head over to Lenovo's site and look at their ThinkPad
range. IMO they're hard to beat, maybe a little pricey but worth it.

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