advice on buying a PS2 to USB adaptor?

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I currently have a PS2 type keyboard I like a lot and want to use it on
my new laptop whenever I get it-- It's almost 99% certain that whatever
I get won't have a PS2 port.  That being the case, is there anything I
should consider when deciding on an adaptor other than price?    Are any
brands recommended in particular?


Re: advice on buying a PS2 to USB adaptor?

I just bought a no-name ("made in China") dual PS/2 to USB adaptor on
eBay for $0.99 (oh, and plus $4.50 shipping for the 3 ounce package).
I plugged in my trusty PS/2 split keyboard and it sort of worked, but
often a key would not be recognized or it would get stuck on.
I was about to chalk it up to oh-well-what-do-expect-for-99-cents then
I tried plugging in a PS/2 mouse to the other input and lo, everything
has worked flawlessly since.
Moral: don't leave one of the PS/2 ports dangling when using one of
these dual parts.


Al Puzzuoli wrote:
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Re: advice on buying a PS2 to USB adaptor?

I am having a similar problem I am trying to connect a AT Keyboard with
a ps/2 adapter to a USB port. The keyboard is not being

I have heard that the USB adapters that are split with 2 ps/2 adapters
have electronics that can convert the electronic signal.

I may just buy a Fujitsu USB 101 keyboard. It's a hassle since I have 3
or 4 keyboards already.....

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