Advice needed on wiping XP

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I have decided that it will be cheaper and easier to buy a laptop with
XP on it and wipe the drive and install linux and some other os. How to
best do this? a) backup whatever I can on CDs b) format c c) buy linux-I
want full documentation and complete OS w/drivers d) install linux dual
boot I guess this is the general idea, but can anyone advise tips and
pitfalls to make it easiest or should I not even try?

Re: Advice needed on wiping XP

Well you can get a flavour of what it will do by downloading Knoppix and
running everything from CD

People can run a whole OS like this without using the hard drive at all
though I am assured you can also install it onto the HDD (the procedure is
unbelievably difficult to follow; though that may just mean that I never
managed it)

Let us know how you get on:  it was almost always a successful and
instructive and useful for me.

(Linux users say that this is only one of many distros of their OS)

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Re: Advice needed on wiping XP

if you have to ask....

1) why do you want to backup a new laptop if you're wiping it?
2) full documentation and drivers?  good luck.
3) if you're not very careful about which laptop you buy, it won't work
at all.   buy an IBM if you want linux support.
4) cheaper, maybe.  easier? no.


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