advent 7094 dead

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My advent 7094 is dead.
I replaced original RAM with another one (512MB).
Laptop started, and frozed at Intel Inside logo.
I waited for a while but nothing.
I tried to power off from switch button but did not.
So i interrupted power (was supplied by battery).
Then, i retried to start.
But nothing.
Replaced RAM back (using original)...nothing.
-tested RAM - OK
-tested CPU - OK
-tested voltages inside - OK
I looked with the oscilloscope to BUS lines.
When try to power on, things are moving on BUS for very short time,
then froze.
Now, when i try to start:
Power LED is on.
Cooler is ON.
Is charging battery.
In rest, nothing...
With or w/o processor, same.
Any idea?

Thank you

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