Adding memory to a NEC Ready 440T laptop computer

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Quick question. Where is the RAM modules located in the NEC Ready 440T
laptop computer? I want to upgrade but can't see the existing 96mb
modules anywhere, nor can I find any information on upgrading the
memory for the 440T anywhere online (I googled it for the longest

Any help would be much appreciated.


Re: Adding memory to a NEC Ready 440T laptop computer

Since memory modules are made only in powers of two (16, 32, 64, 128
etc), your existing 96 meg of memory is comprised of at least 2 (and
possibly 3) banks (modules), either 64+32 or 32+32+32 (or, very
remotely, 16+16+64).  One bank may be permanently on the motherboard and
not changeable.  Don't know the location of the memory on that model,
normally it's either in a compartment on the bottom or under the keyboard.

Mikester71 wrote:

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Re: Adding memory to a NEC Ready 440T laptop computer

I have two NEC 440Ts. They are great workhorses. However, as you have
noticed, the memory does need to be upgraded, 96MB ain't much these

Memory in an NEC 440T laptop is located under the keyboard.

To access the memory, you must "pop" up the LED & power
switch panel. This is done by bending the display back parallel with
the unit. The panel may be popped up by popping up the two hinge
covers on the back of the panel. Please be very, very careful. It is
very easy to damage the connecting circuitry. Damaging the circuitry
is a common problem, and parts for an NEC 440T are not easy to find.

I may be easier to bend the display back only about 10 degrees less
than parallel. Then, when the panel is loose, the display may be
moved completely parallel. Using this method may be less risk for
damage, since the display will only allow the panel to be popped up
so far.

Do NOT remove the panel completely. Only loosen it to the point that
it is detached. This is required to remove the keyboard. Then, the
keyboard can be laid back to give access to the memory compartment.
The keyboard is attached on the slide pad side of the keyboard (the
side closest to the operator).

There is also a piece of sheet metal that covers the memory
compartment, but is under the keyboard. The sheet metal also needs to
be removed to gain access to the memory.

Once all the above is loosened or removed, the memory may be seen
and/or removed, replaced or upgraded.

It is also wise to replace the memory sticks with the exact type.

It is also a good idea to replace the module closest to the battery,

To the best of my memory, the NEC Ready 440T uses: 144 Pin PC66 CL3

I hope this helps.

Just a note: Many parts are inter-changable with a Micron Trek2.
However, I understand that the memory is not exactly the same.


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