Adding Memory For A Compaq M2105US Laptop?

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I just picked a Compaq m2105us with 256MB and am looking for advice on
adding memory. Will I get anything by putting in memory that's faster
than PC2700?

According to the utility CPU-Z, the 256MB inside is Samsung PC2700 CAS
2.5-3-3-7 Part# M4 70L3224FT0-CB3.

The CPU is a 90nm Socket-754 "Sonora" 1.6GHz AMD Mobile Sempron 2800+
with 200MHz FSB.

The chipset has an ATI Radeon RS480 rev. 01 northbridge with an ATI
SB400 rev. 00 southbridge and a memory frequency of 160MHz.

The "DMI Baseboard" (laptop motherboard?) is built by Quanta and is
model# 3096 rev 47.0D.

Anyway, how careful do I have to be about selecting memory for this?

Will I get anything extra by putting PC3200 memory? The Sempron FSB is
200MHz but the chipset memory frequency appears to be 160MHZ. Is that
because of a limitation of the chipset or is it because PC2700 memory
is currently plugged in?

Compaq tech support only says that I should put in PC2700 memory but
nothing else.

BTW, CPU-Z indicates that this laptop has an unoccuppied "MiniPCI Slot
Is this referring to the PCMCIA slot? (the m2105us only has one)

I've been under the impression that this laptop does have a MiniPCI
slot but that it's loaded with an 802.11/g wireless networking card.
Does anyone know if this may be hooked in elsewhere? If this is empty,
what can I add?

Oh, for any of you who are considering buying this, I do have to give a
word of warning that the battery life sucks on this. Less than 2 hours.
This is a non-issue for me but you may have different needs. At $630
up-front, including tax, I found this to be a great deal for myself.

As always, I thank you in advance for any advice.

Many thanks,

Re: Adding Memory For A Compaq M2105US Laptop?

I have the same laptop. Bought a matched pair of Kingston PC2700 512 sticks,
on sale. Runs great with 1GB and the swap file turned off.

Mine shipped with a 256Hynix stick.

I dont think you have any options in the bios, to help take advantage of
anything faster then PC2700.

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Re: Adding Memory For A Compaq M2105US Laptop?

It's become a moot issue since I got a really great deal on a PC2700
512MB module. As a matter of fact, it was Kingston.

Had I gone through NewEgg, as planned, the price for PC3200 would have
been about the same as PC2700. That's why I was considering buying the
faster memory but was concerned about compatibility problems. The cpu
could have handled it but I'm not sure about the laptop motherboard.

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