Acer upgrade?

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I  have purchased an Acer 3002cli.  I have come to believe that the
Sempron 3000+, having only 128k cache limits certain applications
running or running well.  The implication is pretty clear that these
machines were built with options to be determined later, ie. mine came
with a 3000+  while still carrying a 2800+ label.  AMD at times halves
the cache as they increase clockspeed on their cpu's, ie. from 2800+ to
3000+ Sempron and from  MT30 to MT32 Turion, so this upgrade may not do
much good. I am not too upset, however as I also received a  DVD burner
instead of the combo drive specified.

It appears that this machine might accept a cpu upgrade all the to the
MT40 Turion.  This would make what was a good deal even better as the
5002 is still be several hundred dollars over my cost and comes with
the 35 watt ML chip.

Everything in the 3002 seems identical to the Turion  based
5002 except the cpu, ie. socket, chipset, drivers and bios.

The mobile Sempron draws 25 watts as does the MT series Turion
The Turion may have some advantage in terms of power savings as well.

AMD charts also show lower power usage at same clock speed as you move
from MT30 up to MT40.

I have also been told that Acer sells barebones laptops.

Does anyone have inside info?


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