Acer Travelmate - some technical difficulties

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Hi everybody,

At the moment I'm gently tearing apart my ancient Acer Travelmate (PIII-500)
to create a picture frame / mp3 player.

I've succeeded in dissecting the entire laptop, and am now ready to puzzle
it back together again.

However, I have ran into some problems, mostly involving my dead harddrive
and the screen.

The hard disk no longer functions, so I was thinking along the lines of an
old 500Mb disk I still have wandering around in the belly of an even older
486. For this, I need a cable which could connect an IDE internal socket to
an IDE hard drive (full size, not laptop). Does such a cable exist, or is it
time to roll my own?

As for the screen, the problem is basically the same. I want more freedom of
movement for the screen inside the new case, so I would like to find some
sort of extention cord for the screen. Again, does such a cable exist, and
where can I find it?

Should anyone be able to answer any of these questions, I'd be very

When (or should I say if) my project is finished, I'll be sure to post the
results (with pictures) on a website, and post the link here to show you all
the result. Including a DIY guide, if someone is interested.

Thanks ever so much,

Princess Morgiah

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