Acer Travelmate 803 LCI Problems

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I've got the subject's Notebook and I'm experiencing some different
problems since I reinstalled WINXP.
Everything was right using the original recovery cds provided by ACER.
Now I tried to install a WINXP SP1, installed all the drivers
downloaded from acer's support site. Then I installed service pack 2
and updated windows with most recent security patches.
The problems I'm experiencing are:

1.The cd-rw sometimes looks like it has been unplugged,but it's not
been removed!!!WINXP doesn't recognize it! This happens usually when I
boot up the system with a DVD-R or AUDIO-CD in the drive.

2.I didn't find any driver suitable for a "system base peripheal", I
also tried to find it automatically on microsoft's driver dbase, but I
didn't succeded.

3.IRDA doesn't work. It is perfectly installed but it doesn't recognize
any Infrared Devices (I tried with different cellphones,but doesn't
work). The IRDA service is running!

Have you experienced the same problems like me?

Do you know where can I buy a DVD-RW compatible with acer media bay (I
must use it with my notebook)?

Do you think is cheaper and better to buy an external DVD-writer?
Thank you in advice!

Re: Acer Travelmate 803 LCI Problems

I forgot to put infos abot the system peripheals for which didn't find
any driver suitable.
The system properties are:
Bus PCI 2, peripheals 6, function 2.
Do you know what peripheal is?

Re: Acer Travelmate 803 LCI Problems wrote in news:1104848973.487277.84900

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It's either O2Micro CardBus controller or SmartCard reader on it.
Go to /
and download,, and

While you're at it, you might download the rest of the drivers and also
BIOS update in /
The latest is  Get also there - it allows to flash
BIOS from within WinXP.  I've been keeping my TM803 up-to-date that way.  
It's really worth it.  Might help with your issues.


Re: Acer Travelmate 803 LCI Problems wrote:
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1. What do you mean it looks like the CD drive is unplugged?  Can you
not see the drive in Windows Explorer or view the contents?  The fix for
a squirrely CD drive is often to remove the drive from Device Manager
and reboot, letting the OS redetect it.

Also, Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Storage/Disk Management,
right click and select Change Drive Letter and Paths, edit the drive
letter (even if it is not changed).

2. Dunno.

3.  You might need to set up an IrDA network connection:


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