Acer TravelMate 613CTX display problem

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I'm currently in posession of an Acer Travelmate 613CTX. I opened the
lid to bring the system out of hibernation and the backlight will no
longer turn on. There were no problems with the display becoming
particuarly dim before this, it simply worked, and then did not.

In addition, the status lights below the screen (indicating power, HD
access, caps lock, etc) no longer swich on either. Tapping the back of
the screen causes these lights to come back on again for a brief
while, and this is leading me to believe that the fault is not with
the bulb. Has anyone else experienced this, or does anyone have any
idea what the problem is? Thanks much.

Re: Acer TravelMate 613CTX display problem

Sorry to reply to my own post, but I have a solution to the above
problem which might be of some use to anyone experiencing the same

I removed the bezel from around the screen by unscrewing the three
screws from the two bottom corners and next to the status lights. With
some gentle pulling it should come off completely.

Where the status lights reside you'll see a small circuit board with a
group of wires heading in. Underneath this circuit board is a small
jumper cable. In my case, this jumper cable had come loose. Unscrew the
two small screws at the side to remove the circuit board, and reattach
the cable securely. Put the whole lot back together and it should work

Hope this is of some use, I tore my hair out!

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