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does anybody know how to turn bluetooth on this laptop? the bluetooth
device and the wireless card share the same led (blue for bluetooth and
orange for wireless). about one year ago the blu light was turned
on...but now that i need it again, there's no way to turn it on...and
there's no bluetooth device in the device manager....

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the laptop supports bluetooth, and enabling/disabling it through the blue
button, but does not ship with a bluetooth card.

that's why you can't turn it on.  if you ever saw the blue light on, im
guessing it was when the laptop was powering up...

Re: acer tm 291lmi

thank you good man!

so i guess i won't be able to use a bluetooth headset without buying an
usb adapter...

i'm only wondering why they put a light there...

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yes its a bit goofy.  apparantly, some models of acer laptops have
bluetooth devices installed when sold in certain countries.  like you, i
have  an Acer with a bluetooth button but no device.  love the laptop

i think that you might be able to install a bluetooth module internally
though?  here is a thread on how some people installed it the Aspire 2000
series... might help:

Re: acer tm 291lmi

thanks a lot for the link...

now i'm wondering where should be located the bluetooth device in my
laptop, so i can figure out if it's there and broken or it's not there
at all...

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i would bet a large amount of money that it is not there at all.

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What about a <Fn> key combination?  My laptop can toggle the wireless by
using the <Fn> F2.

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Re: acer tm 291lmi

no <fn> ky combination least there should be a label on the
key, but there's none...

eventually i bought an usb adapter :P

thank you for your help!

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