Acer spare parts?

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I have 18 months old Aspire 2023 notebook with busted cover hinge. More
precisely, it became stuck and broke off at the base.

I have heard many "nice" things about the availability of spare parts
for Acer notebooks.. Acer service suggests I send the notebook to them
for undefined time with not any estimate whatsoever on the fee.
However, I know exact Acer part number (33.A24V5.004, marked
AMFL3232000-R on the part). I have dug out the broken hinge assembly of
the laptop because you could not close the lid anymore. The laptop
still works just fine otherwise..

Do I have any options at all for purchasing the part anywhere? I
already checked Ebay and they do not have hinges for this particular
model. Google also drew big fat blank.

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