Acer laptops with Dutch keyboard layout??

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Maybe someone here can answer this...
Im looking at buying an Acer laptop (the Ferrari 4000) from a shop online
(Im living in the Netherlands). Since I never really saw one in reality, I
called up the shop to ask which keyboard layout came with it.. dutch or
US/UK(whatever it is more common here in the netherlands).
They told that it was Dutch layout. Which really surprised me because even
though I saw some Thinkpads coming with Dutch layouts, most laptops I have
seen here dont have it.
Anyway, just to be sure, I called up Acer's information line here in
holland... maybe I phrased the question wrong, cause when I asked if they
distributed with multiple layouts, or just one, and Dutch or not, they told
me that they were all Dutch.
I have an Acer right now that I bought 2 years ago here in Holland also, and
it didnt come with Dutch layout...
I tryied a bit of google but coultn really find anything usefull..Acer's
website doesnt have much usefull information in this subject.

So.. whats the real story here..  ?


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