ACER Laptops any good??

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I remember few years back ACER was producing great stuff both desktops
and laptops, then tyey sorta faded out.  Now they have a rebirth and
the adds in PCWORLD mag shows a slew of new laptops etc with pics and
they look very good.  I wonder who are their distributers or do we
have to order direct from them.
                         Kokomo Joe

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Re: ACER Laptops any good??

Hi Kokomo Joe,

I just purchased a Acer 3613 and it's great. There seems to be many
distributors, check out I just left and
they have many. It appears to me that western Europe is their testing
ground & working well. Different models here than there.

I used Mars many times, Army 50-80, not your time frame

Re: ACER Laptops any good??

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Ok tnx for the url and will check it out.   Had quite a spread in
PC WORLD MAG on both sesktops and laptops.   I remember way back when
about 8 years ago ACER was highly recommended.   Ref MARS congrats on
haveing been one of us.   Yep I go back to AARS days before MARS
came on the scene in 1950.   It was way more fun just prior to WW2.
Almost exclusively CW links from everywhere to various WD radio
Stns.    I was in a underground cave in San Juan tuneing the
Hammarlunds in a special mixer and feeding the signal down to
the control site of WVN when sae the news on a tape rolling by
that Parl Harbor was under attack.  My first thought was where
in the heck is Pearl Harbor...
                     Aloha and 73's

Re: ACER Laptops any good??

Hey Joe,

I forgot this place in my other post

I did Intel/Recon from day  I started,  mostly Airborne

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