Acer laptop will not start.

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We have 2 Acer Aspire 1362 laptops both about 18 months old and one of them
now refuses to start "Operating System not found".  The BIOS does not find a
HDD or CDROM drive.
Swapping the HD between laptops, the "good" machine HD will not boot in the
"bad" machine, but the "bad" machine HD  will boot the "good" machine.
So the fault is not the HDD, is it likely the BIOS is corrupt?
As we have 2 identical machines, is there any way to check this?
I have opened up the faulty laptop, disconnected the BIOS battery
temporarily, no effect.

Any suggestions gratefully considered.


Re: Acer laptop will not start.

What's most likely from your description is that the IDE port, on the
motherboard, has failed.  Bad motherboard.

Alan Eades wrote:
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Re: Acer laptop will not start.

I agree with the above post that the ide is bad, taking in to account that
the hd and cdrom will not work. Both are on the ide port.
Try taking out the cdrom and see what happens.

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Re: Acer laptop will not start.

Alan Eades wrote:
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I was going to suggest copying the CMOS from one computer to the other like
in but then read your note
again and saw that the bad box was not finding CD or HD which makes the
above idea kind of worthless.

As I read it the problem at this stage might be any one of 6 or more

1. Defective HD that is jamming the IDE port.
  () Try removing the HD and see if the CD drive then be discovered and a
bootable disk tested.
2. Defective CDROM that is jamming the IDE port.
  () Remove CD drive and see if the HD shows up and can be booted.
3. Defective Cable feeding either or both devices.
  () Swap cable with working machine and see if the problem follows the
cable, checking ports for bent pins in the process.
4. Defective IDE port
  () Try moving your HD into a USB enclosure and tell the BIOS to boot from
USB, if it's a choice, might be better than nothing until you can get
another motherboard.
5. Defective BIOS settings.
  () If the BIOS can be brought up tell it to reset to factory, default, or
especially Failsafe if it's offered.  Many times I've used Failsafe or
factory default to get boxes working again, especially those with a timing
issue with a memory module or other chip issues.  Disconnecting the battery
does not always reset the CMOS due to length of time it's removed, or
forgetting to remove the power to the motherboard while attempting to reset
the CMOS.  I do the jumper reset thing and then tell it to reset to factory
once to finish flushing out leftover bits.
6. Defective memory module(s), but usually you get a post beeping failure
  () Swap memory to verify it/they are good.

Other problems can cause similar indications but they usually tend to be
motherboard related on laptops.  Good luck.

Re: Acer laptop will not start.

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Thanks for the suggestions, I`ll work my way thro them and report back.


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