Acer Laptop Travelmate - will not boot up

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I have an ACER Travelmate laptop that is about 3.5 years old, Centrino

It was working fine one day and then the next it would not power up.
Here is a rundown of what I am now getting:

When I power up the system, two LED lights turn on as expected, I hear
the cooling fan start to spin up, get a couple of flashes on the HDD
LED and then the fan stops with no more activity. Nothing ever comes
on the screen (no bios, no Acer screen, etc). The system seems to be
'live' still as pushing the power button again does nothing and the
led lights stay lit. The only way to reset it is to remove the battery
and the a/c adapter. After putting in either the battery or
reconnecting the a/c adapter (or both) and pushing the power button
the same results occur. Oh, nothing is plugged into the USB slots or
PCMCIA slots.

Here are a few things that I have tried:

1. Removed just the DVD player -- same result
2. Reset the memory and swapped the slots for the 2 chips -- same
3. Removed just the hdd -- same result
4. Removed the DVD/HDD/Battery -- same result (just used A/C Adapter)
5. Tried to do all of the combos above with just the battery and just
the a/c adapter -- same result.

I don't suspect any power problems -- the battery has been working
fine. The system behaves the same with and without the battery. I
actually left the system in the 'hung' mode overnight on accident
(while unplugged) only to be awaken to an annoyingly loud and awful
'beep' as the battery was being drained. After plugging in, the
beeping ceased as the battery was being recharged.

Anything else to try? I suspect that if I just had a a bad HDD the
system would at least get me to the bios, right? What about a bad
memory chip or two? Any way to check to see if this is a bad
motherboard? Any other thoughts? Could a CMOS battery do this? I have
not noticed any slipping of the timekeeping and/or configuration
losses on the system.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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